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Happy Friday, Loves!

I thought it's be really fun to publish a blog every Friday that showcases my top sellers from the week and what you guys are loving, in addition to my regular weekly blog post. I think it's so fun to circle back through the week and see the content that you all loved so that way I can co

ntinue sharing about it.

Since I started getting more into blogging and influencing, I have loved shopping and finding daily deals. Everything on my Friday Five this week is so affordable and a little something for everyone!

#1: Pre-Spoon Utensils:

Y'all BLEW up this product. These two little utensils are for your 6+ month old for baby led weaning. So, when you are starting to introduce solid foods, this is the perfect utensil to get you started. The blue spoon acts as a teether, and helps baby get used to holding things in their hand, and as baby transitions into moving the spoon to his/her mouth you can give them the orange one that would have food in it! We have loved these so far, and so does our little.

You can shop them here:

#2: Hydro Silk Face Razor:

Probably one of the cheapest products I've shared about, and it might be one of the best too. I always said I'd be that person who never shaves her face because I was afraid it would grow back black and long, but these simple little face razors are a game changer. And, you get the 3-pack for $4.99.

Shop Them Here:

#3 Disney Girl Presets:

I didn't realize how many people where going to love the preset that I use, but holy cow! Y'all loved this preset and snagged it just as fast as I could share about it. I love how it makes my pictures look brighter and whiter. You know if I can make my hair look bright and white, I am all for it!

Shop the presets here:

#4 Tarte Hydro Serum Foundation:

This is a brand new product launched by Tarte and only available at QVC right now, and people are loving it. If you're looking for a more natural, relaxed and hydrating foundation for the summer -- this is the perfect option! It's super affordable too and comes with the blending brush.

Shop here:

#5 The TARGET tank:

The. Best. $8. You'll. Ever. Spend. Not Kidding! This tank is so cute and stylish, and so comfortable. You can be casual or dressy with it. I wore it with skinny jeans one day, and the next day wore it with yoga pants. It looks so cute with high waisted jean shorts and wedges! The perfect casual, but cute and stylish summer tank. Snag it in every color if you can!

Shop the tank here:

As always, you can shop EVERYTHING I share about under my Shop My Favs! tab or you can just visit my LTK page here:

Love Always,

Ashton Harmelink

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