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Friday Five: 5/21/21

Happy Friday Loves!

It's been a crazy week here in our household. Summer is right around the corner and the weather is starting to get really nice here in Iowa, so I find myself extremely busy with the kiddos and being able to get outside a lot more. After being stuck in the house all winter, it's been nice to catch some fresh air!

Between the pandemic, having a baby in November and winter time, we have been itching for this weather. But, I still managed to share some of my favorite things with ya'll throughout the week and these are the things that you guys loved the most!

#1 Owlet Smart Sock + Cam (Monitor Duo)

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Owlet Care a few weeks ago, and it was a dream come true. If you've been following me for any amount of time, you know that this is my number one baby product, and by far the best baby product on the market. It gives you so much peace of mind, and especially as a new parent it helped me! You can get the sock by itself, or the camera by itself but you can also get them as a duo. We love both of them, and love that the camera connects right to your phone so you can check on baby from anywhere! I was able to watch our little guy all the way from California when I was there on a business trip.

Shop the monitor duo here:

#2 The Target Egg Chair

Y'all went crazy over this. And, unfortunately it is sold out everywhere right now. If you were able to catch my stories about this; I snagged the Egg Chair at an extremely discounted price at the truckload sale here in town. No idea how they are getting the target patio furniture, but they are! I shared it with all of y'all and you all want one so bad. So, I am keeping my eye out for ya when they go in stock so you can snag one! They also make ones for the kiddos too, so I'll link both!

Shop Here Adult Size:

Shop Here Kiddo Size:

#3 Disney Girl Preset

Y'all are still loving my preset ever since I shared it. Anything that can make my pictures brighter and whiter, I am all for it. You can snag my presets at such a great price on etsy!

Shop the presets here:

#4 Fabletics Tie-Dye Outfit

I have been a partner with Fabletics for a few months now, and I am never unsatisfied with what I pick out each month. They have thee best workout leggings and bras on the market. I love the prices and how affordable they are. If you don't know about Fabletics, you can sign up as a VIP member and get your first 2 pairs of leggings for $24 + 50% of the entire website and free shipping! BUT, they're running their memorial day sale right now so you get 70% off the whole website instead of 50%, which is pretty cool! If you want to sign up to become a VIP, you can do so through the link below.

Sign up to become a VIP:

Shop the Tie-Dye Outfit Only: (Bra) & (Leggings)

#5 The Target Tank

I'm pretty sure this has been on my Friday five for three weeks in a row now, but y'all are just loving this $8 tank from Target, and so am I! It's the perfect tank to dress up or be casual with!

Shop the tank here:

Happy Friday Babes! I hope y'all had the best week, let me know what you loved from this week in the comments and what you want to see next week!


Ashton Harmelink!

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