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Friday Five 6/4/21

Hey Babes! Happy Friday!

These past couple of weeks I have literally felt like I was ten feet behind all day everyday! But, it was such an exciting week this week because I finally took the plunge and hired a babysitter a couple days a week in the morning so this mama could get some work done without the distractions of the kiddos!

Which is why I even have the time to write this post + pull together my Friday Five for this week!

#1: Pink Bikini

Y'all loved this bikini so much. I try to link it every once in a while because everytime I wear it, you guys ask! I purchased this earlier this spring for my trip to Palm Springs. It's so comfy and cute too! I love that the straps are very skinny so that way you can avoid a major tan line and they pull down on your shoulder easy enough to adjust! Plus, it's only $12 for the set, you can't beat that!

Shop the bikini here:

#2: Isle of Paradise Body Butter + Tanning Drops Duo

GAHHHH. My favorite duo products ever AND they're on sale right now and it's so good! If you're looking for the perfect self tanner that gives you the perfect glow, this is it. I love the body butter because it's very moisturizing and it goes on in a bronze color so you can make sure you get everywhere on your body. It smells delicious and the cover develops overtime! You can even go to sleep in the body butter and it doesn't get all over your sheets. The tanning drops are MY FAVORITE ever. I used them throughout the whole winter and still continue to use them even into the summer (just less drops). These drops mix with your moisturizer and are perfect for the face and next. The drops come in Light, Medium and Dark, and I wear the dark! It's usually $55 for both, but it's on sale for $44.98 + if you use the code "NEW" as a new customer you'll get $15 off. And, if you use the code "HELLO10" as an existing customer you'll get $10 off!!

Shop the duo here:

#3: Billie Razor Starter Kit

I love this starter kit so much and love how affordable it is. If you're looking for a great razor that gets the job done + doesn't leave you with razor burn, this is it! I love the auto delivery so you never have to worry about running out of razors. The starter kit comes with the handle, two razor heads and the sticky magnet to stick to your shower wall! And, if you're feeling like spending extra grab the shave cream because it's so good!! You can set auto delivery up for every month, 2 months or 3 months and each time you'll get four replacement blades for only $9! And, did I mention the starter kit is only $9 to begin with!? Steal of a deal!

Shop the starter kit here:

#4: Tula Primer + Rose Glow Eye Balm

By far my favorite Tula products ever and I always get so many questions everytime I share about them! If you're looking for two products that are going to get you medium coverage and make your eyes glow this summer, this is it! I love the primer because it gives you face that extra little glow and doesn't make you feel like you're wearing a face full of makeup. And, they just launched the primer in different shades too, so I'll link it all for ya! The rose glow eye balm is so cool and refreshing to the under eyes. It gives your eyes that little pink glow + helps ya wake up!

Shop the primer:

Shop the primers in different shades here:

Shop the rose glow eye balm:

#5: Target Tank

Y'all are still obsessing over this! I don't think I need to say anymore other than you need this tank in your life! And, if you want it to fit a little looser, size up one size!

Shop the target tank here:

Happy Friday Loves! Hope you had the best week every and enjoy your weekend!



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