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My Fav Podcasts!

(Republished From Jan 24th, 2021)

If you're anything like me, you constantly need to be listening to something (other than kids). Sometimes it's music, sometimes it's my audible books and other times it's podcasts. And to be very honest with you, podcasts are my favorite thing in the entire world to listen to. I feel like I learn so much and relate sooo much to the people talking to me.

Of course being an entrepreneur and always wanting to improve or be better at what I do -- I am always listening to business development podcasts. I wanted to take this blog post to share with you some of my favorite podcasts and what I love about them!

#1 - Women Inspiring Women Podcast.

This is specifically a podcast about building a MLM network business and how to navigate through all the hard parts of it. I relate so much to her because she is an affiliate with the same company I am and it helps to be able to relate to her and the business on so many different levels. She launches a new episode every Tuesday and I'm finally getting caught up! I just started listening about a year ago, but she's been doing this podcast for a few years.

#2 - The Dave Ramsey Show

If there's one thing that I could always use a little bit more advice on, it's money and how to manage it. And if you've never taken his money management course, I highly recommend it. There is so much to learn in terms of managing your money, getting out of debt, investing your money and what's important when it comes to borrowing money. I love hearing all the different stories of people who may be in the sa

me boat as myself and who are struggling with money.

#3 -- Badass Breastfeeding Podcast

Let's just say, if you're a breastfeeding mama this podcast is a must. I mean seriously, there's all things seriousness and funny all in one. And if you have a question, this podcast is sure to answer it. As a mom of two, both breastfed babies there is so much to learn about your body and what it's capable of in terms of breastfeeding. There is also so many lies and myths out there about breastfeeding that we are often pulled in to believe. Just listen to this, you won't regret it.

#4 - You Can Sip With Us Podcast

Looking for something hilarious and 100% uncensored? This is the podcast for you. These two besties (Ashlie happens to be my upline coach in the company I work for) are hilarious from start to finish. Each week they bring you all the laughs, advice, favorite products, horror stories and so much more. If you need a good laugh or just an excuse to take down a bottle of win, this is a good one.

#5 - The Rachel Hollis Podcast

I mean, did you expect anything less? I'm all for anything personal development and this girl kills it in the personal development category. I've probably read almost all of her books, at least 3 times and listen to this podcast regularly. Especially when I need that extra boost of hope or encouragement, this is the podcast I turn on.

And, that's all -- hope you enjoy and be sure to let me know if you start listening to any of them!



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