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Travel Essentials For Baby/Toddler

If you're anything like me you probably over pack and end up spending more money in baggage to travel than you actually need to. This time around, I felt like I was more prepared and only took things that were absolutely necessary. Of course, I wanted to make sure we had things that we needed + things that were cute too.

If you're following along with my life at all, you know that we vacationed to Arizona for two weeks. We've been here for 3 days now and are loving it and soaking up all the sun. My in laws live here in the winter so we try to make it here at least once every winter, this time around was a little bit later because Brooks was born around the time we usually go. But, I'm not upset about it because we have two babies that we get to create memories with here in Arizona.

There are a lot of things that I feel are needed with a 3 month old baby, but not everything is "necessary." I created a list of the things that I like that absolutely necessary to have when traveling with a baby and a newborn.

#1 - Owlet Smart Sock

If you're a mama and you don't have the owlet smart sock, I feel like you're doing yourself a disgrace. This is the single BEST item you could EVER buy for not only yourself, but your baby. This sock is going to give you so much piece of mind when it comes to your babe sleeping. Just trust me, we used it with our first and we use it now. Our babies sleep 10-12+ hours a night and I get the best sleep ever because I don't have to worry about the babe.

#2 - Uppa Baby Travel System

There are so many carseat and stroller systems on the market, but I a review and research nerd. So, when it came to picking out our travel system for our babies Uppa Baby was number one on the list. It's the easiest system to run, the carseat is so light weight and designed perfect. We love how nice the stroller folds up and how lightweight it is as well. When you purchase the system is the carseat is separate from the stroller. But, the stroller comes with both the toddler seat and the sleep certified bassinet. And, now that we a toddler and a baby we added on the piggy back which is the BEST thing for the stroller and the toddler. Allows the toddler to walk when he wants, or hop on the piggy back and ride. You can travel with one carseat and one stroller per child if you're flying. Trust me on this, this carseat and stroller system is 100% worth the money.

#3 - Hush Sound Machine

I don't really need to say much about this. It's so small and fits right in the carseat, stroller, etc. You charge it with a USB and it can go anywhere with you. White noise is such a big deal with babies and this is the perfect little portable sound machine.

#4 - Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger

We never had this with our first baby but i SWEAR by it. It has truly helped us with the transition from the bassinet (2 weeks) into the crib when he was 3 weeks old. He still sleeps in the snuggle me while in the crib but I think it gives his that extra feeling of being snuggled up close! We got the lounger without a cover, but they have so many cute covers you can add on too.

#5 - Nested Bean Sleep Sack

There are literally wayy to many genius inventions for babies, I can't even. No wonder parents struggle because we're always buying these amazing products for our children, lol. But the nested bean sleep sack is a must for your baby. It has a little weighted area on the chest of the sleep sack that helps the baby feel like they are being hugged basically. And, if you have a tummy sleeper you can flip it around so baby has that weight on their back. It's perfect for keeping baby warm during sleep too!

#6 - The munchkin 360 Sippy Cups

There is not a better sippy cup on the market than this one. Like ever other parent we went through tons of different sippy cups trying to find the one that "didn't leak." Which by the way, almost ever sippy cup will say that it's "leakproof.' They're lying, it's not. But these 360 munchkin ones are TOTALLY leak proof through and through. Plus, it's teaching them to learn how to drink out of a normal cup too! These are a must have for our toddler.

#7 - Spectra Breast Pump

Or, really any breast pump. But, I am going to share about the one I have because it's the best! If you're a breastfeeding/nursing mama, don't forget your pump (DUH!). I love how your pump is considered a medical device so you can travel with it on the plane for free too. We can be living so much in the moment and forget how important it is to stick to our routine of pumping and nursing when we are on vacation, but mama this is time for you to make sure you don't get behind. Our supplies can dip at the drop of a second and it's important to keep pumping and nursing like we normally would! I love the spectra because I feel like it flows so much easier and quicker. I had the medela before and I swear I felt like I was pumping for 30+ mins. I can get a pump session done in under 15 minutes with the spectra.

#8 - Sunscreen

I love the banana boat for toddlers and above, and the love the Aveeno for baby and the Aveeno face stick for their faces. But, I did find a Neutrogena face stick sunscreen while here in Arizona and I LOVE It, but I might be making the switch. Sunscreen is so important no matter what, but extremely important when you know you'll be spending all day everyday outside!

I've linked all of my travel essentials on my LTK, and I'll post the graphic + link here:)




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